RMU Card 19/20

Are you a Real Murcia's shareholder and want to take your club to the Top? You are not, but you discovered our story and you are identified with this revolutionary club wanting to challenge Football-Business to bring back the essence of this sport?

Here you have the chance to join this unstoppable movement. Be part of Real Murcia's 19/20 team. Your support is vital, because our strength is our union, the communion directors-players-fans, teamwork and excitement.

Get your RMU Card (International Season Membership 19/20), and enjoy the following advantages:

  • Personalised RMU Card sent to your home.
  • Choose a match this season and be a VIP in your stadium, Nueva Condomina.
  • Season subscription to Footters, online TV platform broadcasting ALL matches in Nueva Condomina, and many of the away games.
  • 10% discount in online and real Real Murcia's Official Shop.

Shareholder, if you help your Club to get new RMU Card holders you could become the #RMUAmbassador in your country, with a special recognition (see #RMUAmbassador Programme).

Access to compralaentrada.com, to get your RMUCard.

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