The amazing earthquake in Planet Football caused by the campaign #HazloTuyo, shook the consciences of thousand of lovers of this sport. The idea of saving the life of a historic club -victim of unfair actions of unloyal managers that had placed it on the verge of collapse- and turning it into the property of its fans, toured the five continents, and worked the miracle: on November 24, 2018, when the share issue finished, Real Murcia had become the property of tens of thousands of small shareholders from all corners of the Earth. Have a look to some astonishing information about the current ownership of the Club:

26316 shareholders
115 countries

On the map, in red colour, the participating countries in #HazloTuyo. Travel the world, and click on the blue circle to find out the number of shareholders of each country (in your smartphone, it works better in landscape orientation!).

Real Murcia is you!!!

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