There are few more personal things for a football team fan than their seat. It is where each Sunday they sit to enjoy, suffer, sing, laugh or cry with their fellow fans. It is where experiences are shared and friendships are born and forged. Maybe you can not be with us every Sunday, but we would like to feel you close to us, and help us fill Nueva Condomina stands with "paprika" souls. That's why now you can customize and name a seat in Nueva Condomina. We will send you the location of it on the stand, and a photograph of it, as well as the view of the stadium from its position.

A plate customised with your name can be in a seat in NC for the whole season for the price of 10 euros, o por 10€, or 15€ (+2€ delivery cost) if you additionally want a replica in a keychain sent to your home.Bring your place in NC everywhere!

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